Called to Care is not affiliated with nor endorses these organizations.  They are provided as a resource only.

Financial Resources

•National Endowment for Financial Education – How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option

•LifeSong for Orphans - matching grants & loans

•Show Hope - grants for Christian families

•International Children’s Adoption Resource Effort

•A Child's Desire - grants for special needs & older child adoptions     318-354-1229   318-354-1229      

•The Abba Fund - interest free loans   888-775-3422            888-775-3422      

•A Child Waits Foundation - grants & loans for older child & special needs adoption866-999-2445       866-999-2445      

•National Adoption Foundation - grants $400-$4000, loans also available

•Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries - grants and fundraising information

•Gift of Adoption Fund - grants $2000-$5000    877-905-2367        877-905-2367      

•The Lydia Fund - grants for fees & expenses for overseas adoptions    612-338-7653      612-338-7653     

•Cadman Foundation - fundraising & grants   877-223-6268        877-223-6268      

•Ava's Hope - for international adoptions 

•Home for Good Foundation - fundraising materials   

•Promise the Children - international adoptions

•Shepherds Crook Ministries - fundraising assistance for waiting child adoptions

•Sea of Faces Foundation - grants for Christian families adopting from a developing country

•Tomorrow is a Gift - a list of adoption grants, loans, travel savings, etc.