A Foster Care Movement

In the small country of Latvia, there are still many children in state run orphanages who yearn to know the love of a family. Within the past several years, there has been a movement towards foster care or family-based care. More and more families are stepping up and opening their home to children - providing them a place to live in a family setting while a more permanent situation is sought. This is still a relatively new movement, but one that we believe has the potential to make positive changes. Children weren't meant to live in institutional style orphanages. If they can't be in their permanent family (biological or adopted), then a foster family is far better than an orphanage dormitory.

Called to Care is committed to helping encourage foster families in Latvia. One foster mother in particular, who has worked in the orphanage system, gets it - she knows that children don't grow well in institutional settings - she has seen the impact it has on their development and psyche. Our goal is to help make it fiscally possible for her to open her home to foster children. It will mean she will leave her paid job at the orphanage and focus on loving on children in her home as a foster parent.

We are seeking monthly sponsors for "Apple of My Eye Foster Home" - to enable her to cover the cost of her rent so she can focus on loving the children He leads to her. While the government does provide a modest stipend, it does not cover everything. C2C has worked to develop a budget and financial plan to support her ministry of foster care. Sponsorships can be as little as $10/month and are tax deductible. All funds are handled by Called to Care and forwarded directly to Latvia to pay for the rent of Apple of My Eye Foster Home. We look forward to seeing the children she welcomes and the differences in their lives!

For more information on supporting AOME in its ministry, you can contact Donna Fleharty at donnaharty@gmail.com.