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International Orphans

The plight of orphans knows no boundaries. Children around the world are left abandoned with no one to love or care for them. Won't you answer the call to care for them? For children living in other countries there are many ways to reach out to them in love.

1. Consider hosting an orphan in your home

Open Hearts and Homes for Children

By opening your home to an orphan for 4-5 weeks in the summer or at Christmas, you not only bless these children with an opportunity to experience family life that they may not otherwise get. It also gives Americans the chance to meet the faceless children they often read about, bringing personal awareness of the plight of children growing up in orphanages. And most importantly, it allows these children to find families and meet people who will care about them after their visit is over, giving each participant a chance for a more hopeful future.

2. Consider getting a group together to support an orphanage

This simply involves developing a long distance relationship with an orphan through letter writing, picture swapping, and sending little gifts for their birthday and Christmas. For more information on getting started, visit Called to Care.

3. Consider starting up a knitting/crochet group

Children from the baby houses up through school age would benefit from warm handmade hats, mittens, scarves, and sweaters. The lovingly made gifts can be taken to the different orphanages via hosting interview teams, adopting families who are visiting the orphanages, or short term mission teams. For more information, visit Called to Care.

4. Consider sponsoring an orphan or vulnerable child

5. Consider adopting an orphan

6. Consider partnering with an Orphan Ministry Organization

7. Consider doing a fundraiser to help families adopting or hosting

8. Consider becoming a prayer partner

Many hosting programs have pictures of the children who are available for hosting. Commit to praying for one or more children daily until the children have gone back home: pray that they will be chosen, pray for the family that will host them, pray that they will experience Christ and the love of a family, pray that they will meet their forever family, pray for their safety, pray for the bonding of the host family and the orphan.

Visit sites such as Reece's RainbowAdopt US KidsRainbow Kids, and Adopt America Network and choose one of the waiting children to pray for. Pray for their health, safety, and that they will soon be adopted into their forever family. Pray for the families who will be adopting them that they will be able to raise the money necessary, they will be able to bond quickly with their new child, and that they will have the necessary support during the transition time.

Pray for families around the world, that God would stir their hearts to follow His command to care for the orphans. Pray that families would courageously step out in faith and encourage those around them.

9. Consider volunteering your time and talents for hosting programs, benefit events, or orphan ministries in your area

2 Corinthians 6:18, Amplified Bible

"And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My 

sons and daughters", says the Lord Almighty.