Making Connections

Visit this page often to experience the orphan hosting or adoption journey through

the eyes of real families.  Please click on their links to read blogs, ask questions, or

help families directly.  We hope that you will support these families through

prayer and encouragement!

The Cooper Family


We are the Cooper Family.  We live in Carroll County, MD and we are adopting two precious girls from Eastern Europe.  Michelle has already been transferred to an adult mental institution, and Felicia is in danger of being transferred in December.  Michelle is blind and has cerebral palsy, and Felicia has cerebral palsy.  We are raising funds to adopt them together this summer.  Our dossier has arrived in their country, and we are awaiting travel dates.  We need to raise $13,500, and we are trusting in God's provision, knowing He provides for the orphan, oppressed, and afflicted.  Please pray for our adoptions of these precious angels and help us bring them home.  Come visit our blog and prayerfully consider being a piece of the puzzle to bring our girls home.  God Bless!