Orphan Hosting Programs

A great way to "bring the mission field" to you, hosting programs offer a way to open your home to a child for a period of time (usually 4-5 weeks) to include them in your family, teach them about family life, American culture, relationships and Christ's love.

Many of these children have never experienced life in a functional family or even life outside of an orphanage. They have nothing or no one to model their relationships after. Being integrated into a family, they learn about the roles of parents, relating to siblings, being loved and accepted. They gain self confidence and HOPE for the future.

Many of these children actually end up being adopted - by their host family or another family who met them through the hosting program. Without hosting programs giving these "older / hard to place" children a chance to shine in a family, many families would never consider adopting an "older" child.

Open Hearts and Homes for Children

Open Hearts and Homes for Children (OHHC) is one such hosting agency. They offer hosting programs twice a year - summer and winter. School-age children come from Ukraine and Latvia to families in the eastern USA.  For more information on hosting, visit their website atwww.openheartsandhomes.org.